Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll be missing the balls this Easter...

I've spend many days, nights and holidays with my best friend's family. Her mother, the boy's YiaYia, calls herself my surrogate and she has taught me so many things about life and about food. They were recently down for my son's 1st birthday and she came bearing her own pots, pans, and spices because things just taste better when she makes them in her own stuff. YiaYia isn't greek, she's Sicilian and every Easter she makes these traditional rice balls called "Arancini". They're a delicious Italian street food that consists of cooked rice, sometimes spinach and mozzarella that are covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. They're really should be called "A Little Piece of Heaven" but that would be too long to call out along the streets of Italy. I remember the first time I made them with Meg's was serious stuff, strict rules, no cutting corners. The balls couldn't be to big or too small, you had to put in the cube of mozzarella just right then cover, dip, dip, dip then roll, fry, and eat immediately. I wish I had her recipe, but I don't. I've tried a few the past couple of years and Giada's is the closest that I can find. I also wish I had YiaYia's pots to make the risotto...maybe that's the key. Or it may be all the wine and music around that makes them taste better. For Giada's recipe click here :)

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