Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh vacation food, how I love thee...

My favorite meal. Crab Cakes Benedict at Native Cafe!
So last week Chris and I took our first "offical" family vacation to Pensacola. We visited my family there and we were lucky enough to hang out at the resort where my aunt lives and basically drink and eat all day long. Sorry, people, but that's a great vacation to me. I was excited about a lots of things. One, I'd get to hang out with my fam who is hilariously fun. Two, I wanted to eat lots and lots of food...totally accomplished that. Three, I wanted to cook with my cousins and eat some fresh seafood from Patti's Fish Market in Pensacola. Somehow almost all of my goals revolved around food. Big surprise. Needless to say, we came back a tad bit heavier than we were when we had left but no worries, I knew how to get it off. I was going to eat my breakfast. If there's ever a time where I knew I'm to completely pig out and not worry about my diet, I get back on the "protien horse". I try not to think that I'm a big "dieter" because I've used Weight Watcher's for so long after having three babies, that I've really changed my mindset about food. Loving food, I want to eat anything that I want, try new things and not have to worry about if those baked oysters with paremsean and garlic are going to create more "fingerprints of God" on my thighs. So I like to think that I can have anything I want, just not all at once. So, back to breakfast.. This week I started eating more protien and less carbs/refined sugars throughout the day and sticking to a basic protien filled breakfast that keeps me full for most of the morning to mid afternoon. I also included more protien enriched snacks during the day so I'm not snacking on random crap in the afternoons. So I'm back to where I was when I left and I have to say all of those margaritas, bushwackers, fried shrimp, and eggs benedicts were WAY worth the trip in gold. Here's my recipe for one of my favorite morning scrambles!

2 eggs beaten
1 link of chicken sausage quartered and diced

Joe Patti's Fish Market....stinky and awesome

1/4 of a red or yellow bell pepper
a handful of fresh spinach chopped
1 green onion diced
6 plum tomatoes quartered
1 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Add olive oil to the pan as well as the diced sausage and veggies. Cook for 5 min until the bell peppers a cooked through. Add eggs and let set then stir to scramble them. Easy, yummy, and healthy!

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