Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Little Things...

I have had a huge week of orders for Ethiopia or Bust which is AWESOME! Unfortunately, that left me little time to whip up some menu planning and recipes for this week. I thought I'd do a quick Top 10 though! Hope everyone has a great week.

1. I eat grapefruit everyday at some point, usually as an afternoon snack but homemade hummus with whole wheat pita chips is my favorite snack.

2. I've always wanted a butter bell. They seem handy especially when you’re dealing with unsalted baking butter everyday.

3. I'm clumsy in the kitchen. We always buy double sets of glasses and plates because I break them...a lot. I use to try and pawn off the breakage on my kids, but Chris is no fool. He knows me too well.

4. My parents raised me on wheat bread. Never white...that was a “no no”. Luckily, I didn’t get the “open food items anyway necessary” gene because she’d usually open the bread at the bottom or in some weird way because she couldn’t figure out the twist tie.

5. If I ever go to Wendy's, which is a rare occasion since we normally only eat Chic fil A for fast food, I always dip my fries in my Frosty. It's always just seemed like the right thing to do. Salty vs. sweet…the ultimate combo.

6. My favorite meal to make is brunch. You have so many options including Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas…just sayin’.

7. I burn myself on a regular basis on the oven or hot cupcake pan...I usually scream the same thing when it happens. You’d think I’d learn one of these days. I’m quite stubborn though.

8. I didn't really use a Crockpot till last year. We're still getting to know each other.

9. I rarely eat pasta. Pasta is one of the foods that I can eat pounds of without knowing it and to be honest, carbs stick to my hips like flies on a truck grill. When we do eat it, it’s whole wheat and packed with veggies to make myself feel better.

10. I have been known, on many occasions, to eat dessert for breakfast. I think this gave Chris’ parents a heart attack when we first met but they’ve gotten over it. You name it…cake, cupcakes, pies…eaten for breakfast.


Abbey said...

So love this!!! We are alotta like my friend! Scary... But true!!! Thanks for sharing!

Dani Noonan said...

k, I'll bring some cupcakes over for breakfast tomorrow! LOL ;)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I remember one time at your addressed the crockpot with Paige and said, "So what do I do when the timer runs out."...I thought you were kidding, but now I just know that could have very well been your first encounter with one another, lol!

Don't forget to add the glue gun accessories to your list of things that burn you!

Loved this post!!

Dani Noonan said...

LOL, I forgot about that...yes, totally serious! :) Ahhh..the glue gun. I'm not sure if I'll ever forget that...I'm still putting Bio Oil on my face so it won't scar :-P

ellen said...

*goes to google "butter bell"*

Dani Noonan said...

Ellen!!!! They're so cool!!! Do you remember Mama always opening things weirdly?? She could never figure out twist ties LOL